It's ALSO a Full-Time Job: Product Owner By The Numbers

June 22, 2020

Far too often an organization misjudges the amount of time someone spends while functioning as a Scrum Master, either too much OR too little. In response to many student requests, I developed a blog post a while back, breaking down how a Scrum Master would spend their time during a two-week Sprint: Of course, the follow-up question that inevitably comes up is...     “Okay I get that, but is being a Product Owner really a full-time job too?”    Read More...

The Agile-Friendly Resume

November 27, 2018

Over the years I have helped many students with a resume review, to support their search for a new job or keep their information current.  They want to represent themselves as someone who is, and wants to work in an organization that is, “agile-friendly.’  By this I mean not only having a basis in the mechanics of one or two agile frameworks or approaches, but embodying the values, principles, and spirit of what agility means Read More...

It's a Full-Time Job: Scrum Master By The Numbers

October 6, 2018

In meeting with students or those that come see me speak, I often hear some version of this question: “Is being a Scrum Master really a full-time job?” This is an interesting question, and worth discussing.  Much of the reason WHY this question gets asked is that an organization doesn’t have a shared understanding of not just not the role of a Scrum Master, but an understanding of Scrum as a whole.  Read More...