Educator and Speaker Mentorship

Looking to take the next step as an instructor or speaker?  Consider working directly with Chris Li to improve your content, approach, and effectiveness!  Chris has worked with countless professionals over the years in helping them find their unique voice that best meets resonates with their specific audience.  He has mentored experienced educators through some of the most intensive trainer application programs in the industry, helping them put their best foot forward in the most high-stakes interviews of their careers.  

  • New Speakers preparing for meetups or conferences, including content review and abstract writing
  • Instructors building new courses or workshops, including content, timing outline, and learning outcome reviews
  • Professionals applying for an agile coaching or instructing license, including application review, and practice exercises
  • Experienced speakers or instructors looking to grow in their career

Engagements are one-on-one directly with Chris Li, and can take a variety of formats, from a singular review meeting to a long-term mentorship relationship. If you are interested in learning from one of the top names in the game, fill out our mentorship request form to start exploring your options!