There are times that having an extra set of eyes can be extremely valuable. We look forward to working with you to explore options and discover alternatives to how you and your organization are working. Contact us to get the ball rolling about what type of coaching or consulting would be the most beneficial for you.

Agility Diagnostics

We will get "under the hood" with your team and work together to explore how your organization is performing, collaborate on what modifications may better support agile practices, and generate  tactical steps to get your organization down the road.

Individual Coaching and Professional services

We offer coaching on a one-on-one basis for those professionals looking to grow personally and in their careers.  Our discussions are based on your individual needs, and can range from solving specific work challenges to evaluating career options and next steps as an agile professional.

Team Agile Coaching

​This level of coaching focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of a single agile team, Team members will work together with us to evaluate how they currently operate in their environment, identify areas they want to improve, and explore options of how to get there.

Organizational Coaching and Consulting

​Very often, organizations need to step back to take a more holistic view in order to determine the best next steps in instilling the agile mindset across the enterprise.   We will work with you to identify what areas are most important to focus on and to help craft a strategy suited for your specific organizational needs.

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