Certified ScrumMaster™ (CSM)

This 2-day course will have participants experience all of the elements of Scrum in a highly collaborative and energetic learning experience. Starting with the values and principles, learners will be introduced to the various elements of the framework and finish the course with an interactive simulation.  

Upon completing this course, participants will be eligible to take the exam for the Certified ScrumMaster certification, 
recognized by
Scrum Alliance.
Chris Li frequently teaches this course through our training partners. For a list of upcoming cities and dates, please visit the Scrum Alliance website.

Who Should Attend

This course is recommended for all roles and backgrounds, as it has been designed to focus on the fundamental aspects and intent of what Scrum represents while providing attendees with specific tools and techniques that they can then bring to their own organization.

Course Agenda

Below is a summary of the topics covered in this course. The learning experience covers all elements of the Content Outline and Learning Objectives identified by the Scrum Alliance, presented in an interactive and exercise-based format. This course contains a significant amount of exercises, including individual, pair, and table based activities as well as class-wide simulations.  The interactive design of the course has been refined over the years and focuses on an experience that has participants learning in a collaborative environment. 

  • Scrum Introduction

    • The Agile Mindset

    • Empirical Process Control

    • The Agile Manifesto 

    • 12 Agile Principles

    • 5 Scrum Values

  • Scrum Roles

    • Product Owner

    • Development Team (aka "The Team")

    • ScrumMaster

  • Product Backlog Items

    • Defining PBI

    • Product Backlog

    • User Stories

    • Acceptance Criteria

  • Estimation Techniques

    • Estimation Sequences

    • Relative Complexity

    • Estimating Backlog Items

    • Velocity

  • Sprint Events

    • Sprint Overview

    • Definition of Done

    • Product Increment

    • Release Planning

    • Sprint Planning

    • Sprint Backlog

    • Daily Scrum

    • Backlog Refinement Activity

    • Sprint Review

    • Sprint Retrospective

  • Interactive Simulation

Upcoming Dates

Click the links below to register. All of our CSM courses are taught by Chris Li, presented by our training partners

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