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Scrum Masters of the Universe Meetup

February 10, 2022

Chris will be exploring attributes of effective teams in "Are we really a Team? What questions to ask."  
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Videos and Downloads From Past Events

Recordings and materials from some of Chris's most popular talks!

Neuroscience of Learning and State of Training

July 7, 2021

Chris joined the Agile Uprising podcast to talk about the neuroscience of learning and how poor training can create a large ripple effect in an organization. 

Agile Leadership Network (ALN)

June 3, 2021

Chris spoke at the June meeting of the ALN DC chapter. He presented "Climbing the Mountain - How effective leaders lift up those around them"
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Scrum Master Summit

May 19, 2021

Chris is proud to have keynoted the Wednesday session at this global event!  His talk focused on the connections between interpersonal behaviors on a team and what to watch out for.
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Agile Richmond Meetup

March 18, 2021

Chris presented his new workshop on Scrum anti-patterns, "Woah, We Do That!"
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2020 Scrum Guide Artifacts

January 3, 2021

Chris sat down with Dave Prior to discuss new updates to the 2020 Scrum Guide and its impact on Scrum artifacts.

Team Basics

Many of you attended Chris's  "Are we really a Team?  What questions to ask" talk at some of the 2020 virtual meetups and conferences.  We have created a PDF for you, including key points and questions from the talk. Follow the link below for this FREE download to use with your teams.
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Thanks to the Agile100 team for posting this video of Chris's presentation from the Agile100 conference!
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It's a Full-Time Job: Scrum Master By The Numbers

Many of you have read Chris's Blog Post outlining the work that Scrum Masters take on each and every day.  Check out this video of Chris presenting this topic at  the Agile Professionals meetup.
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