Train of Thought Series

SparkPlug Agility's new 'Train of Thought' series, is focused on developing stronger trainers and coaches through servant leadership and better understanding of student needs.  We started in 2021 with the release of our new flagship offering, the Trainer Immersion Program (TRIP) course, to be followed by the self-paced online Understanding Educational Objectives (EO).  

Take a new TRIP with us later this year!

SparkPlug Agility's Trainer Immersion Program (TRIP) is an intensive learning experience created to help professionals in the role of trainer or instructor develop their abilities to design and deliver effective learning experiences. Using educational frameworks, learning psychology, persona development, and management principles, this course provides trainers the skills they need to deliver for their most important customers, their students.

We are in the process of re-imagining the TRIP program based on our students' needs and feedback! Stay tuned to learn more about the re-launch later in 2024! Click 'Keep Me Informed!' to receive e-mails with the latest information.

Now Available!

Understanding Educational Objectives (EO) is a self-paced online learning experience that examines the writing, interpreting, and analyzing Educational Objectives.  This course introduces students to the modern revision of Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives (Anderson and Krathwohl).  It also shares concepts and techniques of how to write objectives, drawing on the research from the Comprehensive Framework for Instructional Objectives (Hannah & Michaelis).